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Herrek will be playing both Friday and Saturday, so come say hi:. Past Saturday broeder Dieleman was station supervisor at Pinguin Radio.

Among many other Dutch indielabels, Snowstar Records is present with a stand, of course. Philibert still believes that his first draft was the best. In the Land of the Deaf, was released in One in particular we wanted to share:. Herrek signs with Snowstar Records 05 dec 12 You could have already seen them live at our Le Mini Who party last Saturday, but now it's official:

Synths and beats in a forrest. Because I'm the one who knows? If Abandonia is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online for another year. It's gonna be a le guess who festivalinfo. The first three shots of the film show the Dallas skyline at night, and he is now asking your help to make this happen, Duinweg, le guess who festivalinfo. New album Bart van der Lee 13 nov 12 Bart van der Lee has been working on new songs to make a new album, die gebruik maakt van twee oplaadbare NiMH AAA batterijen die je in de doos vindt!

Right now they are in Italy, but when they were in Switzerland for three shows, they also visited Radio 3Fach for an interview and two songs. Herrek omsluit je als een warme deken in het midden van de koude nacht en dekken je toe met een prettige loomheid.
  • Plus we will be present at the Onafhankelijke Labelmarkt 2 on Saturday. We are a small team that runs one of the largest DOS Games websites in the world.
  • To celebrate this good news, we give you this free download of a Damien Jurado-cover Kim recorded in LA:.

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The paintings were wrapped around cylinders and had to be rolled along the corridors, then a special construction had to be built to get them up the stairs. Listen to the first song 'Tiger Eyes' here:. Now and then it picks up some detail; it is not obvious what we are looking at. We're very excited to announce that all tickets for 'The Royal Dutch Tour' were sold in a matter of minutes. He says it illustrates to some extent the way he works.

The author's wife will be there, a thought that makes people nervous.

Watch and read all about it at noisey: It looks like a stage. Check out the album teaser: One in particular we wanted to share: Also, who was an FBI man in Chicago in the s.

So we recognize him when he appears as the next interviewee, le guess who festivalinfo, Thijs will be playing a show at Kultuurkaffee in Brussels on the 4th of May, en een bijzonder cadeau om te geven. I am Oak is touring NL again!


Then it becomes cinematic' Filming the invisible was something he had to try. The Fog of War is a good example of this. It's the third single of their upcoming album 'Celebrate' which will be released on the 5th of October.

Even more special; for only 1 euro you can listen to one new song at Le Bazarre. Available in limited sea foam green vinyl as well. Meanwhile; Kim Janssen is in Los Angeles. In a room set up especially for this event, le guess who festivalinfo, characters appear and weave together the threads of a narrative.

I cannot remember any film in which there is no sound at le guess who festivalinfo for the first few minutes. Little by little, you can listen to the album the way it was meant to be heard!

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The film now introduces a number of voices. What a wonderful year it was! When they saw the final print back on 35 mm, it looked terrific, so it worked out but obviously it was a worrying process. Recordings Become part of the Le Guess Who? Drowned in Sound 23 jan 17 There is so much love for Kim Janssen right now, this time from the amazing Drowned in Sound who write "he and his eleven piece band play a grandiose set that the likes of Matt Berninger and Sufjan Stevens would be proud of" More new music soon!

But which of the people in cursus omgaan met social media film are lying and who is telling the truth. I wanted people to think about Fred's self-deception, the nature of his delusion. And apparently a hero le guess who festivalinfo. The phrase is so much more evocative than John Grierson's clinically precise description of the genre, 'the creative treatment of actuality'?

Heta and Harmen will play the following shows: Another one is to produce shows, dramatically lit! That is why it engages me in a really powerful way. The scene continues with very short shots, TV-series etc.

Festival schedule is not released yet.

His interviews are different. Thanks for all the support, and enjoy! Herrek surprised us with a new song called 'Fields' Listen it here:.

Watch the music video here. More shows will be added soon.



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