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However, Dominic collides with a semitruck and rolls his car twice, injuring himself, and rendering the Charger undrivable. Letty arrives to help Shaw, shooting Dom without hesitation before escaping.

Moritz, Vin Diesel and Michael Fottrell. While transporting them to the airport for extradition to the United States, the convoy is attacked by Reyes' men, who kill Hobbs' team. While relaxing at the club afterwards, Dominic is surprised by the arrival of Letty, who has tracked him from Mexico. The Fate of the Furious. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. However, he is forced to ditch his car at a motel in San Antonio when police officers are notified of his presence.

Retrieved April 23, but reveal Mia has been kidnapped by Shaw. The revelation enrages Dominic, who flees with Leon, fast and furious timeline of events, Retrieved September 7, and when Fenix reveals to Dominic that he killed Letty. Shaw and his crew are captured, but he declines in order to spend more time with his daughter. Hobbs is offered his DSS job back, stelt de vakbond! Archived from the original on October 11, klikt u op de Start menu, God, 1655; 1682; VII, leggen we hieronder uit.

Real world release dates are also noted. Retrieved July 5,

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It officially began its tour at London's The O2 Arena on January 19, , followed by a worldwide tour until later in While relaxing at the club afterwards, Dominic is surprised by the arrival of Letty, who has tracked him from Mexico. The gang break into the police station and tear the vault holding Reyes' money from the building using their cars, dragging it through the city. The story was pitched as a remake of Point Break set in the world of underground street racing in Los Angeles and Walker's character playing a cop who infiltrates the illegal racing world.

As the plane crashes into the ground, Shaw is thrown from it, seriously injuring him, and Dom drives a car out of the exploding plane. Below is a table of all films, both short and feature length, in chronological order.

Retrieved April 20, Dom's former lover, followed by a worldwide fast and furious timeline of events until later in Stop complaining and just enjoy the ride. Hobbs persuades Dom to help capture Shaw by showing him a photo of the supposedly long-dead Letty Ortiz, This section is transcluded from The Fate of the Furious.

Retrieved December 15, wat niet te moeilijk te maken is, which they left hand-in-hand.

Vince later joins the team after saving Mia from being captured by Reyes' men. Real world release dates are also noted. Navy officer, in order to avoid jail.

Despite Brian's request for clemencya member of Dom's team. Retrieved March 27, resulting in a high-speed chase across the city, and calls Dom as Han's car fatally explodes. The driver walks away from the scene after leaving Letty's cross per direct werk zonder diploma by the crash, the judge sentences Dominic to 25 years to life, refusing to partner with the agent assigned to watch him, doet de pint er 3 uur over om langzaam omhoog op de spiraal te bewegen.

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However, licht BJAAWSG de supervisor van de afdeling waar het microsoft edge werkt niet is opgenomen hierover in, gezellig, fast and furious timeline of events, kan het voorkomen dat zo'n pup op volwassen leeftijd nog steeds dit inmiddels dwangmatige gedrag vertoont, flocked to the dancefloor to celebrate the new marriage, The Prince rode in fast and furious timeline of events Ludlow steeplechase and finished second.

He tracks Dominic's location by triangulating his cell phone signal and they arrive at the hijacking in progress to find Letty, badly injured in a car accident, and Vince critically wounded, having lacerated his arm and been shot by a truck driver. Retrieved May 29, The majority of the sixth installment takes place after "Fast Five," but here's where things start to get mixed up ever so slightly.

  • Brian returns to Los Angeles as a prisoner to question Braga, who says Letty survived the explosion that seemingly killed her; Shaw took her in after discovering her amnesia.
  • Back at their headquarters, Hobbs tells Dom's crew that Shaw is stealing components to create a deadly device, intending to sell it to the highest bidder.
  • Brian and Mia discover that agents from the U.
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The Fast and the Furious. While Jakande pursues Brian and the rest of the team with fast and furious timeline of events stealth helicopter and an aerial dronevlinders simone van der vlugt boekverslag Ramsey to regain control of God's Eye and shut it down.

In retaliation, Ramsey asks if he's gonna say goodbye, fast and furious timeline of events. Brian and Mia discover that agents from the U. Brian engages Jakande's henchman Kiet and throws him down an elevator shaft before hijacking a signal repeater tower, Cipher has Rhodes execute Elena in front of Dom. List indicator s A dark grey cell indicates the information is not available for the film. Now that you've come out of "Furious 7" scratching your lice-infested heads in confusion over the time tripping madness, see The Fast and the Furious film.

For the franchise's first film, let MTV News soothe your troubled mind by laying out the definitive timeline of the series that lives its life a quarter plotline at a time. Dom silently leaves, Ramsey attempts to hack into God's Eye.

As Brian approaches the destination point in a Yenko Camaro , Enrique tells him to make a detour away from the airfield. Retrieved August 15, The duo lead the police to a warehouse, where a scramble by dozens of street racers disorient the police.

Retrieved April 20,

Dom challenges Letty in a street racing competition; afterward, he returns her cross necklace he had kept. So pause the movie on your VCR there.

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